Plague Dr. Maleficus

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This black plague mask is the terrifying symbol of death and despair that once gripped Europe. It looks and feels like a real plague doctor mask, and its distinct feature, the pointy wrinkled beak, makes it unique and provokes you, the wearer, to take the plague doctor role seriously. Adjustable to all sizes and crafted with care using PU leather, this black death mask comes in different variations, from a white plague doctor mask to a dark, maleficent tone, and it is for sure the most scary-looking plague doctor mask.

So please, reassure the others that the creepy look was indeed the plague doctor's trademark feature. 

  • durable PU leather 
  • adjustable & comfortable to wear
  • ventilation rivet holes under the beak
  • transparent acrylics allow a clear vision
  • unisex; fits adults and teenagers