Daemonium Claw Gloves

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Scare the mortals with our claw gloves, an essential accessory for a sneaky demon look, or a statement accessory for an edgy/alt vibe that will earn you so many compliments.

The demon gloves are specially designed to fit your hands like armored claw gloves.

Q: Would the devil gloves fit a child's hand or a tiny hand?
A: We do not recommend buying our demon skin gloves if you have small hands, unless you do not bother to make some modifications.

Q: Is the item durable?
A: These black claw gloves are handmade from vegan leather and have rivets on the joints, making them sturdy and durable.

Q: Are the claws of the gloves sharp?
A: No, the Belial gloves are very flexible and even allow you to hold items.

Q: What are the dimensions of the devil gloves?
A: Approx. 27x12cm (10.63x4.72 inches)