Dr. Miasma Casual

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Looking to integrate a plague doctor mask into your day-to-day outfit, hiding your identity while live streaming your gameplay, or just feeling like starting an original cosplay character?

This beak mask crafted with care and attention to detail is the coolest crow mask that you can get.

The raven mask it's easy to match with a pair of cool glasses or goggles becoming an essential starter for a plague doctor costume.

Mask up in style with the coolest Halloween half mask and let other people know that keeping a distance is the safest thing to do.

    • durable PU leather
    • hand-stitched
    • lightweight & comfortable to wear
    • ventilation holes under the beak
    • heavy-duty, adjustable straps
    • unisex; fits adults and teenagers

    This is NOT a medical mask, please wear one, as they easily fit inside.

    This mask will not provide any protection against disease, but you can scare the crap out of someone with it, so it will help with social distancing.


    Yes, there are holes alongside the bottom of it.


    Yup, same as the ones used back in the Middle Ages! You can fill it with whatever you want.


    The mask has a cosplay value, since it can be an Original Character starter, but it can be used as a day-to-day item if you wear it the way we mentioned and if you feel bold enough.


    The PU leather, also known as vegan leather, or synthetic leather has a similar feel and aspect to the real leather, but without involving animals. It is made out of thermoplastic polymer, or high-quality mixed microfibers similar in texture to suede leather. 

    We can wear nice and durable accessories without causing any harm to our beloved animals.


    The masks have adjustable buckles and can be used by a wide range of people, from children to adults.We've tried and tested the masks ourselves and one of our colleagues which considered himself to have quite a big head had no problems fitting it on.Of course, you can try it out and see if it's for you, and in case there is no way it will fit your head, we have a 30 days money-back guarantee so you do not have to worry.


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